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Mastership Records ‎toy -1057

Starship Commander Wooooo Wooooo – Mastership
LP Mastership Records [D-1068]  (1981)

Performer [Korg Rhythm 55 Electronic Drummer, Electric Piano, Synthesizers, Special Effects], Vocals, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Omer Gene Coleman II
Engineer - Dave Brock
Photography - Harold Stephens
Illustration - Joe Johnson

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Homo Electronicus toy -1058

Don Harper – Homo Electronicus
LP Columbia [SCX 6559]  (1974)

Piano, Electric Piano, Vibraphone, Saxophone [Alto, Soprano], Synthesizer [Operator] - Alan Branscombe
Guitar - Dick Abel
Drums, Percussion - Harold Fisher
Vocals - Norma Winstone
Electric Violin, Viola, Composer, Producer - Don Harper
Supervision, Cover Design - Denis Preston
Production Engineer - John Mackswith
Technical Assistants - Robert Butterworth, Mark Dearnley, Ashley Howe
Synthesizer Programmer - Brian Steadman
Lithograph - Jim Ritchie

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Arthea Workshop toy -1059

Arthea – Passages
LP Wergo [SM 1065]  (1987)

Performer [Percutube, Altar, Altar 10-Strings, Tampura, Talking Drum, Zarb, Flutes, Kotar, Tar-Bass, Tao, Djidjeridou, Gong, Cymbals, Contre-Bass, Xylo-Metalo-Phone, Kotar], Composer - Goa Alloro, Franky Bourlier, Patrick Jauneaud
Sound Technician - J. Jauneaud
Recorded at Studio Arthea, Grasse, France
For this recording only acoustic instruments were used, either of ethnic origin or specially made at the Arthea workshop.

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Mu toy -1060

Beia Come Aba – Beia Come Aba
LP Mu [UM 107]  (1979)

Percussion - Antonio D'Ambrosio
Keyboards - Sergio De Francesco
Guitar - Antonio Lombardi
Bass, Producer - Giuseppe Massaglia
Sound Engineer - Arturo Romano
Foto - Bob Noto
Art Direction - Marco Gallesi
Executive Producer - Marco Cimino
Recorded at G.V. Studios in Turin

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Jazz Al Capolinea 526/1000: private toy -1061

Jazz al Capolinea – Jazz al Capolinea
2xLP Jii [Jii 1/2]  (1974)


Quintetto di Joe Venuti
Violin - Joe Venuti
Alto Saxophone - Sergio Rigon
Piano - Mario Rusca
Electric Bass - Tony Parisi
Drums - Giorgio Vanni

Gruppo di Sante Palumbo
Electric Piano - Sante Palumbo
Tenor Saxophone - Giorgio Baiocco
Trumpet - Sergio Fanni
Bass - Marco Ratti
Drums - Tullio De Piscopo

Trio di Mario Rusca
Piano - Mario Rusca
Electric Bass - Paolo Tomelleri
Drums - Gianni Cazzola

Quintetto di Giorgio Azzolini
Trumpet - Sergio Fanni
Tenor Saxophone - Leandro Prete
Electric Piano - Sante Palumbo
Bass - Giorgio Azzolini
Drums - Giancarlo Pillot

Milan College Jazz Society
Trumpet - Giorgio Alberti
Trombone - Gianni Acocella
Clarinet - Bruno Longhi
Baritone Saxophone - Carlo Bagnoli
Electric Bass - Tony Parisi
Drums - Giorgio Vanni

Quintetto di Gianni Coscia
Tenor Saxophone - Larry Nocella
Electric Accordion - Gianni Coscia
Piano - Mario Rusca
Electric Bass - Tony Parisi
Drums - Giancarlo Pillot

Quartetto di Sergio Fanni
Trumpet - Sergio Fanni
Guitar - Angelo Arienti
Electric Bass - Paolo Tomelleri
Drums - Giancarlo Pillot

Sestetto di Claudio Benedetti
Tenor Saxophone - Giorgio Baiocco, Larry Nocella, Paolo Tomelleri
Electric Piano - Mario Rusca
Electric Bass - Tony Parisi
Drums - Claudio Benedetti

Milan Jazz Gang
Trumpet - Helmut Schlitt
Trombone - Noris Borgati
Clarinet - Giampiero Compare
Bass Tuba - Claudio Nisi
Piano - Bruno Veronese
Banjo - Jacki Russo
Drums - Attilio Rota

Sound Engineer - Angelo Arienti
Live Recordings at Capolinea during 21st & 22nd of December 1974
"Un grazie agli amici tutti del Capolinea" by Giorgio Vanni

Pulaski Skyway toy -1062

Chris Swansen – Pulaski Skyway
LP Badger Records [1001]  (197x)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Chris Swansen
Cover Photo - Tom Zimmermann
Backliner Photo - George Schiffer
Technical Assistance - Jon Weiss

All sounds on this record are made by the Moog Synthesizer as played and programed by Chris Swansen
Equipment used: Moog Mark III Synthesizer, Bode Ring Modulator, Bode Frequency Shifter, MRS 8 track recorder, Scully 4 track recorder, Scully 2 track recorder, Dolby A noise reduction system and Moog Polyphonic Synthesizer

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S.I. & T. toy -1063

Stardust International & Tayfun – Stardust International & Tayfun
LP Hendrix Music Production [NSLP 51]  (1973)

Baritone Saxophone, Flute [Solo] - Bo Tedner
Bass [Fender] - Mike Watson
Brass - Björn Hallin, Gösta Nilsson, Jan Allan, Rolf Andersson, Sven Larson*, Weine Renliden
Choir - Anette Lindgren, Birgitta Kristofferson, Lena Eriksson*, Ulla Källbeck, Ute Tedner
Drums, Percussion - Tony Walter
Guitar - Johnny Lundin
Composer, Lead Vocals, Congas, Lyrics - Tayfun Karatekin
Organ [Hammond] - Frederik Grimm
Piano, Flute, Bass, Lyrics, Composer, Producer, Arranger - Dick Major
Strings - Stockholm Phil. Orc.
Trumpet - Christer Lindahl
Vocals - Dick Major, Frederik Grimm
Woodwind - Göran Larsén, Ingvar Holst, Jürgen Linder, Lars Stark
Engineer - Lars Liljeryd
Remix - Lars Liljeryd, Stefan Nordin
Photography, Artwork - Erik Kellbäck, Olle Nykvist
Recorded Feb-July 1973 at Decibel recording studios.

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My Town From Space

The Infinite Space Octave toy -1064

3C Magical Space Band – The Infinite Space Octave
7" EP CBS [08EG36]  (1978)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Hideki Matsutake
Cover Art - M.C. Escher

Melo Perquana toy -1065

Atilla Engin Group featuring Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen & Uffe Markussen – Melo Perquana
LP Olufsen Records [DOC 5045]  (1987)

Bass - Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano] - Uffe Markussen
Vocals - Ane Ramløse
Vibraphone, Timbales, Tambourine, African Cimbe [Hand Drum], Percussion, Synth, Effects - Morten Grønvad
Roland Drum Machine, Vocal, Bongoes, Timbales, Synth, Santhura of India, Kalimba, African Drum [Talking Drum], Percussion, Mouth Percussion, Effects, Producer, Cover Idea - Atilla Engin
Mixer - Atilla Engin, Ole Matthiessen
Engineer - Claus Pedersen
Cover Design - John Ovesen, Klavs Munch
Front Cover Photo - Egon Gade
Back Cover Photos - Christian Warrer, Ingmar Nilsson
Recorded At Karma Studios, Oct. 3, 4 & 5 + Nov. 12 1987, Denmark

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Solens Børn toy -1066

Ariel – Solens Børn
LP Pick Up Records [PULP 80307]  (1980)

Vocals - Lei Aloha Moe
Tenor Saxophone - Per Goldschmidt
Guitar - Nikolaj Gromin
Percussion - Atilla Engin
Drums - Deva Lars Beijbom
Keyboards - Anders Müller
Bass - Klavs Hovman
Producer, Engineer - Dave Rideau
Illustration [Front] - Boye Willumsen
Cover [Design] - St. Cherome Jusjong
Fotos - Milling
Recorded in Hookfarm Studio and Mixed in Easy Sound Studio Fall 80

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Ariel toy -1067

Ariel – Ariel
LP Pick Up Records [PULP 80 303] / Move [MVLP 8]  (1980)

Saxophone [Tenor], Vocal - Per Goldschmidt
Keyboards - Anders Müller
Bass - Klavs Hovman
Drums, Percussion - Luiz Carlos "Chuim" De Siqueira
Vocal - Lei Aloha Moe
Recorded and mixed in Easy Sound, February, 1980

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Dancers Of The Future toy -1068

Crystal Comet toy -1069

Comet – Frodo Der Held Des Rings / Cometen Zauber
12" Maxi Single - Crystal [052 CRY 45 868 YZ]  (1979)

Musik, Texte, Producer - Manfred Schunke

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Private Soundtrack for a Canadian Independent Film: toy -1070

Mark Carmody – Tuesday Wednesday
OST LP D.T.K. Records Ltd. [KILL 003]  (1987)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Mark Carmody
Note: With the exception of "diamonds (the blue hand)" and "gagmatism", all of the instrumental voices employed in the orchestration of this work are the voices of the electric guitar. This excludes the use of any guitar triggered synthesizing devices.
Photography - Jacquie Anderson

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New Wave Vision toy -1071

Evasion toy -1072

Dominique Andre – Evasion
LP Musical Touch Sound [M.T.S. 1007]  (19xx)

Performer, Composer, Cover [Conception & Realisation] - Dominique Andre
Mastering - F. Terrazzoni
Artistic Collaboration - Christian Bonneau

De Vincentis' Private toy -1073

Patrice De Vincentis – Dichotomy
LP Jazzical Records [JRC 86017]  (1986)

Performer [Yamaha: DX7, Rev7; Roland: MKS80, MKS30, MKB300-Midi Keyboard Controller, SVC 350 Vocoder, MPU401-Midi processing Unit-Memory, Moog Plus; Sequential Circuits: Prophet V; Oberheim: TVS-1; Mirage: Digital MultiSampler; Linn Drum; Akai MG 12-12; Tascam Models: 42,234; Korg SDD 200; Art 1500 Digital Delay; IBM PC Computer; Garfield: Mini Doc], Composer, Engineer, Producer, Mixer - Patrice De Vincentis
Mixer - Bill Rhodes
Performer, Composer - Guy Segroves
Linn Programming - Gregg Facon
Vocalizations - Miss Michelle Segroves
Cover [Concept, Realization] - Debbie Segroves

Intergalactic Forces toy -1074

Terence Thomas / Robert Fair – Forces
LP Interface Records [303065X]  (1983)

Performer, Composer - Terence Thomas, Robert Fair
Producer - Robert Fair
Illustration, Cover Design - Terence Thomas
Photograph - David Frawley

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Greg El Topo presenting L'Uomo Dagli Occhiali A Specchio

Sandro Brugnolini – L'Uomo Dagli Occhiali A Specchio
OST LP Vroommm [VRL 614]  (1975)

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