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Private Interpop toy -1130

Alan Steward – Just Listen
LP Interpop Records [ipr 12001]  (197x)

Organ, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals, Arranger, Composer - John Paul Gettisbourgh-Oxland alias Alan Steward

"All songs are recorded live on several places in Holland without any overdubs!"
"If you hear some scratch on this record, it's not bad fabrication but some noise from re-programming the sinthesizer during the performance!"

Pierre Maire Productions toy -1131

Boillat Thérace Quintet – Boillat Thérace Quintet
LP PMP [10.001 LP 30-429]  (1974)

Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Composer - Raymond Thérace
Fender Rhodes Piano, Piano, Composer - Jean-François Boillat
Fender Bass, Bass - Frédéric Pecoud
Drums - Eric Wespi
Percussion - Rogelio Garcia
Engineer, Mixer - Jean Ristori
Design - Albert Barokas
Photos - Barbey, Barokas, Burford
Liner Notes - Demètre Ioakimidis   

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Inspired by the Forces of Nature toy -1132

Jimmy Takeuchi Drum – Inspire!
LP Toshiba Records [TP-9013]  (197x)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Jimmy Takeuchi

Multifrequenze toy -1133

Arawak – Multifrequenze
LP Manhattan Records [MNLP 00020]  (19xx)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Arawak (Luciano Simoncini)

Variations Sur Geneve/Suisse toy -1134

Olivier Rogg – Variations Sur GE/CH
LP Mega Wave Orchestra [MWO-04]  (1988)

Performer [Yamaha DX-7, TX-7, DX-7 IID, Roland Super-Jupiter, Oberheim Matrix-6, Emu-Emulator II +, Ensoniq Mirage, Drums: Sequential Circuits Dumtracks, Emulator II, Roland MC-500 Programming], Composer - Olivier Rogg
Cover Art, Graphics, Producer - H. Richard Reimann (Mega Wave Studio)

GE/CH is the short version of Geneva/Switzerland, you have two ways to transpose these letters. The first one is the German way, each letter matches a keynote: G=Sol, E=Mi, C=Do, H=Si.
The second way uses their places in the alphabet to give a numerical value, which will be used for the melody and rhythms: G=7, E=5, C=3, H=8
The combination of both ways inspired all the tracks included in this release.

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Ministry Of Space toy -1135

The Microbes – Computer
7" DJM Records [DJS 10944]  (1980)

Performer, Composer, Producer - J. Chegwin, C. Chiappe, O. Falquero

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GE-115 Computer toy -1136

Studio Di Fonologia Musicale Di Firenze – GE-115 - Computer Concerto
45 r.p.m. Olivetti - General Electric (1967)

Performer - Pietro Grossi

This recorded music was played by the Central Processor of a GE-115 Computer, with the aid of programs specially studied in cooperation with the "Studio di Fonologia Musicale" of Florence
Merry Christmas 1967 and Happy New Year

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh toy -1137

Hiroki Tamaki – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
LP Columbia [AX-7281]  (1980)

Vocals, Violins, Mandolin, Acoustic Piano, Strings Ensemble, Synthesizer, Vocorder, Composer - Hiroki Tamaki
Drums - Eiji Shimamura, Yuichi Togashiki
Electric Bass - Akira Okazawa, Kenji Takamizu, Takeru Watanabe
Electric Guitar - Ken Yajima, Fujimaru Yoshino
F. Guitar - Toshiaki Usui, Koichi Tani
Percussion - Yonosuke Segami
Piano [Acoustic, Electric], Synthesizer - Fumitaka Anzai
Harp - Keiko Yamakawa
Artwork - Tadamori Yokoo

Private Silhouette toy -1138

Andrew Gordon – Silhouette
LP Eagle Records / Sarah Maris Productions [SM 4199]  (1985)

Performer [Oberheim OB 8 Synthesizer, Oberheim DSX Sequencer, Oberheim DX Drum Machine, Yamaha DX 7 Synthesizer], Composer, Arranger - Andrew Gordon
Producer - Andrew Gordon, Guthrie Thomas, Prinny Guerrero
Engineer - Wyn Davis, Michael Lardie
Graphics, Layouts - Prinny Guerrero
Artwork - Guthrie Thomas
Liner Photograph - Geoff Guerrero
Recorded at Total Access Studios in Redondo Beach, California

Private Schmizz toy -1139

Continuum – End Of Line
LP Schmizz Records [43770]  (1984)

Guitar, Composer - Robert Baglione
Keyboards, Composer - John Redfield
Bass, Composer - Robert Allen
Drums - Randy Harrah, David Derge, Gary Donnelly
Percussion - Geraldo De Oliveira
Mastering - Roger Siebel
Design - Nick K. Lambros
Photography - Nancy Orlenberg

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Privados Encuentros en la Gran Sabana toy -1140

Miguel A. Noya – Gran Sabana
LP Private Press [nb-84-5526]  (1984)

Performer, Composer, Recorder, Mixer - Miguel A. Noya
Artwork - Lucia Padilla F.
Lacquer Cut - Francisco Castanedo
Production Assistant - Francisco Noya
Grabado del 19 al 27 de Julio de 1984 en los estudios moviles de FLAT y J. Adames
Hecho en Venezuela.

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Japan Aerospace Exploration

Para Planetarios toy -1141

Eblen Macari – Música Para Planetarios
LP EMI [LME-443]  (1987)

Synthesizer, Guitar, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Eblen Macari
Synthesizer, Arranger - Jose Luis Almeida
Percussion - German Herrera
Percussion, Vocals, Dancing - Grupo La Tribu
Harpsichord - Olga Martinez
Soprano Vocals - Janet Macari
Electric Guitar - Artura Meza
Recording - Alejandro Gonzalez, Enrique Castro
Photography - Marco Antonio Cruz
Front Cover - J. Vicente Diosgado G. y Carlos Trejo
Executive Producer - Macari, Georgina Rodriguez, Gustavo Fuentes, Alfonso Morales

Matias' toy -1142

Matias Huart – September
LP Gallo [VDE 30-441]  (1985)

Dulcimer, Guitar, Percussion, Synthesizer, Composer - Matias Huart
Flute - Bernard Batschelet
Liner Notes - Jean-Christophe Ammann
Photo - Claire Niggli

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Private Gau Records toy -1143

Gaudencio Thiago De Mello – The Music Of Thiago
LP Gau Records [GS-1001]  (197x)

Vocals - Gaudencio, Kay Coleman, Tony de Maio, Michele Brourman
Piano - Michele Brourman, Richard Kimball, Dom Salvador
Bass - Don Payne, Bob Dougherty, Herb Bueshler
Drums - Airto Moreira, Portinho, Richard Crooks
Acoustic Guitar, Composer - Gaudencio
Electric Guitar - Bob Rose
Flute - Lloyd McNeill
Saxophone - Paulo Moura
Trumpet - Claudio Roditi
Percussion - Airto Moreira, Gaudencio
Lyrics - Karen Gottlieb, Douglas Worth, Amadeu do Vale, Gaudencio
Arranger - Gaudencio, Richard Kimball
Liner Notes - George Klabin, Richard Kimball, Bette Tiago
Recording, Mixer, Producer - George Klabin
Album Design - Michael Gitlin, Lucy
Cover Photo - Yoram Lehmann
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Forntida Nyheter toy -1144

Peter Roos – Forntida Nyheter
LP Private Press [EE1002]  (1984)

Performer, Composer, Lyrics, Producer - Peter Roos

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Crown Golden Series toy -1145

Nozomi Aoki & His Magnitude 8 – 1999 A.D
LP Crown [AD-1999]  (1974)

Synthesizer, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Nozomi Aoki
Vocal, Lyrics, Producer - Mistry
Chorus - The Marion Gaines Singer's of Detroit
Monologue - Ken Macdonald
Dialogue - Susan Hall & Brandon Hall
Piano - Keisuke Egusa
Drums - Kazuyoshi Okayama
Guitar - Mitsuo Murakami
Bass - Hideaki Takebe
Latin Percussion - Naomi Kawahara
Director - Naoki Takahashi
Sound Engineer - Shinichi Furusaki
Jacket Designer - Laura Holm
Photographer - Kennosuke Okada
Inspector - Morimasa Sugita
Recorded at Crown Recording Studio No. 1

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Portuguese toy -1146

Vancouver Private toy -1147

Current Figures – The Grey Area
LP Matter Music Records [MM 1000]  (1985)

Keyboards, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Edwin Dolinski
Percussion, Arranger, Producer - Robert Caldwell
Engineer - Chris Cairo, Anthony Millikin, David Thomas
Photo - David Cooper
Digital Design, Layout - Larry DeFehr

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Bonedisco presenting Holy Grail toy -1148

Jambo & Co – Eros / Climax
7" Atlantic [11 050]  (1977)

Performer, Composer, Producer - A. Bunny (aka Paul Fishman)