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private pressluftwerkzeuge toy -881


Bruno Spoerri – Konzert Für SIG-Pressluftwerkzeuge
7" (Single Sided) Not On Label [WA 1317]  (1971)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Bruno Spoerri
Promotion EP for SIG Neuhausen, 6. Baumaschinenmesse Basel

vacanze italiane toy -882

Alessandro Alessandroni / Rino De Filippi – Vacanze
LP Sermi [SR ST 142]  (1974)

Composer, Performer, Conductor, Producer - Alessandro Alessandroni, Rino De Filippi

jump to rock in the air toy -883


Giancarlo Barigozzi Group – Rock In The Air
LP Jump Records [J-0120 LP]  (197x)

Composer, Performer, Conductor - Giancarlo Barigozzi, Oscar Rocchi

catoca disco club toy -884

Giomar Kap Flight – Looping The Loop
7" (45 RPM) Catoca [CTN 7015]  (1976)

Composer, Arranger, Producer - Giacomo Tosti, Mario & Giosy Capuano 

shopping in carnaby street toy -885

Alessandro Alessandroni & I Marc 4 – Shopping In Carnaby Street
LP Sermi [SP 116]  (1969)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Alessandro Alessandroni, Maurizio Majorana, Antonello Vannucci, Roberto Podio, Carlo Pes

japanese cosmic stars toy -886

Fumio – Star - Sound Of The Universe
LP Animage [ANL-1022]  (1983)

Synthesizer [Juno-60, Csq-600, Sh-2, Sh-101, Vr-330], Composer, Arranger - Fumio Miyashita
Percussion - Yujin Harada, Shizuo Takasaki
Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer [Jx-3p] - Kei Ishikawa
Violin - Takashi Toyoda
Artwork - Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Director - Akio Fujita
Producer - Fumio Miyashita, Yoshiharu Ohno

holy orient toy -887

Hiroshi Sato – Orient
LP Kitty Records [MKF-1047]  (1979)

Bass - Haruomi Hosono, Koki Ito
Drums - Jun Aoyama, Robert Brill, Tatsuo Hayashi, Yukari Uehara
Guitar - Shigeru Suzuki, Yuji Toriyama
Keyboards, Synthesizer - Hidehiko Koike
Percussion - Pecker
Backing Vocals - Masaki Ueda
Words - Hiroshi Kamayatsu, Yosui Inoue, Kosuke Kanamori
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Drums, Vocals, Chorus, Kalimba, Composer, Producer, Arranger - Hiroshi Sato


primitive bio-cosmic music toy -888

Yas-Kaz – Shinran/Path To Purity
OST LP Canyon Records [C28Y0251]  (1987)

Percussions - Yas-Kaz
WaDaiko - Eitetsu Hayashi
Violin [Electric] - Masatsugu Shinozaki
Oboe - Masaichi Ishibashi
Warabe Uta - Morinoki Jido Gasshodan
Saxophone [Baritone] - Bob Saito
Piano - Isao Sasaki
Keyboard - Shuji Tashiro, Hiroyuki Furugawara
Strings - Stephanie Angel
Harp - Keiko Yamakawa
BaU - Lyu Hong-Jun
Manipulator - Koji Sakuyama
Tan-i-Sho - Rentaro Mikuni

Original Soundtrack of 1987 Japanese drama film "Shinran/Path To Purty" directed by Rentarō Mikuni.
The film won the Jury Prize at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival.

Buy it here.

private jazz meditations toy -889


Faces Of Jazz - Meditation
LP Gemini Records [GR 1000]  (1979)

Piano [Fender Rhodes, Acoustic], Yamaha Synthesizer, Flute, Wind-chimes, Cabasa, Voice Effects, Triangle, Cowbells, Composer, Arranger, Jacket Design & Layout - Steve Carney
Bass - Marty Ruddy
Yamaha Flugelhorn, Trumpet - Doug Davis
Drums, Congas - Russell Bizzett
Producer - Jim Wilson, Steve Carney
Engineer - Jim Little
Cover Photo - Jim Wilson
Recorded and mixed at Juniper Studios near Bailey, Colorado during May and June, 1979

on the way to R.R.R.


on the way to R.R.R. (Rip Rare Records)

which one would you rip as the first?

big noise from toy -890

Spaghetti Head – Big Noise From Winnetka / Funky Axe
7" IL [NIL 9058]  (1975)

Drums, Composer - Clem Cattini
Bass, Composer - Les Hurdle
Composer, Producer - Miki Dallon
Composer, Performer - Bob Haggart, Ray Banouc

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exklusiv für behr toy -891


Stuttgarter Jazz-Trio – Stuttgarter Jazz-Trio
7", 4-Track EP, Behr [50377/78]  (1978)

Piano, Arranger - Werner Lener
Bass - Ludwig Stimmler
Drums - Elmar Wippler
Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg

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...coming soon

NEELectric machine toy -892

Previous ...coming soon
A. Roberti – Electric Machine - Disco Fashion
LP Sparrow Records [SPLP 01050] / TRF Alpha Music Library [TRF 607]  (1979)

Composer, Arranger, Producer - A. Roberti  

Many many thanks to Neel N. Kizmiaz

I tried to buy a copy on ebay some weeks ago, but its price was too high for my budget:
you can check its final selling price here.

Then I contacted Neel (who contributed to its discogs page) & ask him for a rip.

So, are you ready to thank Neel?
Dear Neel, we owe you one!

rhythmic eclectic moshe naïm toy -893


Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language – Lambi
LP Moshé-Naïm [MN 12.007]  (1976)

Bass, Composer - Louis Xavier
Drums - Steve Mac Call
Guitar - Gérard Curbillon
Percussion, Drums - Saint-Yves Dolphin
Piano, Electric Piano, Harpsichord [Cembalo], Organ - Georges-Edouard Nouel
Saxophone - Jo Maka
Violin - Jean-Yves Rigaud
Producer - Moshe Naïm

Buy it here.

private electronic aus bonn toy -894


Metronic Underground – Illusion (Electronic Aus Bonn)
LP Private Press [14851/1]  (1981)

Synthesizer [Teisco 110F, Korg VS 20], Guitar [Electric, Acoustic], Digital Sequencer [Roland CSQ 600], Analog Sequencer [Korg SQ 10], Electronic Drums, Rotophase, Wah-Wah and Distortion Pedal, Klemt Echolette S Delay, Voice, Ukw Radio, 630 PS Dieselmotor und 400 Liter Kaffee, Composer, Arranger, Recorder, Mixer, Producer, Covergestaltung - Thomas Wulke, Gernot P. Schilling
Voice - Tony Orsten
Mastertape - Micha Zähl (at Conny's Studio Neunkirchen-Seelscheid)
Recorded at home on Teac A-3340 4-Track Tape Recorder and Tandberg TD 20 A Actilinear Studio-Recorder
Coverphotos - Arnim Jacobs
We thank Conny Plank and Tony Orsten (British Forces Broadcasting Service)

Release date: June the 17th 2013


Complesso Di Sante Palumbo – Stasera In Casa Seduti In Poltrona Con La Luce Diffusa
LP CiPiTi Record [SR LP0003]  (1972)

Drums - Lino Liguori
Contrabass - Marco Ratti
Guitar - Sergio Farina
Flute, Saxophone - Gianni Bedori
Piano, Electric Piano, Hammond, Composer - Sante Palumbo
Record Engineer, Composer - Giorgio Buratti

Info is here
Listen & Buy it here

Many thanks to my friend Andrew Holister who let me discover this beauty.
Thank you Andy!

startrack toy -895


Alberto Baldan Bembo – Sound Orchestra
LP StarTrack Record [ST.LP. TR1982]  (19xx)

Performer, Conductor, Composer, Arranger - Alberto Baldan Bembo

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jj's jazz & such toy -896


Kenso – Kenso II
LP Pam [PAM-002 LM-1353]  (1982)

Guitar, Keyboards, Mellotron - Yoshihisa Shimizu
Flute - Shiro Yajima
Keyboards - Atsushi Makiuchi
Bass - Kimiyoshi Matsumoto
Drums - Haruhiko Yamamoto
Vocals - Naoko Shimogaito, Sachiko Miyashita
Wood Wind - Masayuki Tanaka
Cover - Jun Endou
Design - Akane Shirouzu

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shopping voices

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