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Space Adventures from MU Land toy -935

Toru Hatano –  Space Adventure Electronically Created By Toru Hatano
LP MU Land [LX-7013-M]  (1978)

Performer, Sound Engineer, Arranger - Toru Hatano
Re-Mix Engineer - Katsutoshi Ohtani, Toru Hatano
Mastering Engineer - Kazuhiro Tokieda
Cover and Poster Painting "SPACE ADVENTURE" - Narumi Tanaka
Inside Layout - Takashi Wakabayashi
Co-Producer - Tatsuo Ozawa
Producer, Director - Teruaki Kuroda
Musical Instruments:
KORG Polyphonic Ensemble 1000, KORG Polyphonic Ensemble "Orchestra" 2000, KORG Synthesizer 800DV, KORG Synthesizer 770, Rhythm Machine-mini pops 120P, Drums, Electric Guitar, Strings Ensemble
Recording Mecanics:
STUDER A-80-16ch. 3M Series 79-16ch TEAC T-80-8ch. STUDER A-80-2ch. DENON DH-610-S

oscar's fonovideo magic keys toy -936


Oscar Rocchi And His Keyboards – Magic Keys
LP Fonovideo [FLP 122]  (197x)

Keyboards [Fender, Hammond, Arp 2600, Omni, Pianoforte, Cembalo, Clavietta, Prosoloist], Composer, Producer - Oscar Rocchi

Buy it here.

Music From Memory

Leon Lowman – Liquid Diamonds
LP Music From Memory [MFM 001]  (2013)

Fantastic Leon Lowman's compilation compiled by Abel Nagengast, Jamie Tiller, Tako Reyenga & published by Music From Memory (new label maybe run by Abel, Jamie & Tako?).
It contains the Cosmic Disco classic "Listen" (check soundcloud clip below) with more tracks taken from Syntheseas LP (already posted here but download link removed) and from Sound Horizon cassette, plus unreleased materials.
I've just bought my copy from ebay.

You can listen & buy it here, or also here& here

coming soon... sonorità nel lavoro toy -937

Chimenti / Ciangherotti / Nenty – Sonorità Nel Lavoro
LP Globe Records [GR LP 1003]  (1971)

Performer, Composer, Producer - (Silvano) Chimenti, (Nello) Ciangherotti, Nenty

momento drammatico toy -938

Braen / Raskovich – Drammatico
LP Panda Records [PL 1018]  (197x)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Braen (Alessandro Alessandroni), Raskovich (Giuliano Sorgini)

background music n.1 toy -939

Raskovich – Background Music N. 1
LP Otter Records [ORL 40019]  (197x)

Performer, Composer, Producer - Raskovich (Giuliano Sorgini)

holy perimeter toy -940

Robert Hollis·Christopher Swartz – 11 X 2
LP Perimeter Records [PR-004]  (1988)

Bass Guitar, Gong, Bass Guitar [Bowed], Percussion [Spring Rack], 2 String Guitar (bottleneck), Percussion [Zymo-xyl], Dulcimer [Bowed], Monostring, 6 String Guitar, 6 String Guitar (bottleneck), Wood Slit Drums, PVC Rack, 36 String Zither, Thumb Piano - Robert Hollis
Thumb Piano, Percussion [Cantoms, Mixing Bowl Rack], Aluminum Tube Marimba, Cymbal, Snare Drum, Electronic Bass Drum, Tambourine, Midrange Marimba, PVC Flute, PVC Recorder, Electronic Toms, Toms, Birimbau, Slide Whistle, Glass Rack, PVC Slit Drums, Maracas, Guiro, Wind Chimes, Various Instruments - Christopher Swartz
Recording Engineer, Mixdown - Alan Vining
Photography [Cover, Poster] - Arthur Davis, Claire Hollis, Christopher Swartz, Richard Thomy
Composer, Arranger, Producer, Design [Cover And Inserts] - Robert Hollis & Christopher Swartz
All Instruments Used In This Recording Built By - Christopher Swartz

nuova idea con brio toy -941

Corvasce / Rosciglione – Con Brio
LP Nuova Idea [MD 2301]  (197x)

Performer, Composer, Arranger - Franco Corvasce, Giorgio Rosciglione

Greg El Topo presenting Picci toy -942

Oscar Lindok And His Friends – Come Upstair
LP Picci [GLA 2007]  (1973)

shared & uploaded by Greg El Topo's Deliriousmusic.at

Greta presenting aleatoric vedette toy -943

Fabio Fabor – Aleatoric Piano Collages
LP Vedette [VSM 38540]  (1970)

Performer, Composer, Arranger - Fabio "Fabor" Borgazzi

Many thanks to Greta who shared it with us!!!

kalinda disco illusions toy -944

Stephen Encinas – Disco Illusion / Lypso Illusion
12" Kalinda [KDS-2020]  (1979)

Keyboards, Producer - Stephen Encinas
Lead Vocals - Stephen Encinas, Wendy Eligon
Drums, Percussions - M. "Toby" Tobas
Bass - A. Nuncs
Guitar - A. Alexander
Synthesizer - K. John
Background - Judy, Andy, Wendy, Kenny

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megadrums toy -945

Reinhard Flatischler – Megadrums
LP veraBra Records [VBR 2033 1]  (1990)

Anklung, Percussion [Rantang, Tschanggo, Ogonkodo], Drums [Shime-taiko], Tabla, Bells [Kangoguis], Waterphone, Vocals, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Reinhard Flatischler
Drums [Itolele, Tumbadora] - Oti Köhler
Drums [Iyabata, Quinto], Shekere, Composer, Vocals - Milton Cardona
Percussion [Rantang], Gongs - Andreas Gerber
Percussion [Tsching] - Heidrun Hoffmann
Saxophone [Soprano, Alto], Flute, Composer - Wolfgang Puschnig
Taiko [Oke Taiko, Shime Taiko] Cymbal [Chappa], Percussion [Atari-gane] - Leonard Eto
Talking Drum [Dondo] - Aja Addy
Artwork - Lambert Spix
Mastering - Wolfgang Meyscheider
Cover Concept - Lambert Spix, Michael Jacoby
Photography [Cover, Back Cover]- Thomas Schumann
Recorder, Mixer - Ulli Ullmann
This album was recorded in March 1990 shortly after the megadrums tour through Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The music was played live by the same musicians during the tour.
Recorded and mixed at Union Studios, Munich.

Buy it here

Gazit toy -946

Raviv Gazit – Ze
LP Hed-Arzi [BAN 15293]  (1988)

Performer, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Raviv Gazit

Buy original vinyl (150€) here
Listen & Buy digital album (7$) here
Gazit's more sounds can be found here

the jazz dancer in the class room toy -947

The Bjarne Rostvold Perry Knudsen Percussion Ensemble – The Jazz Dancer "In The Class-Room"
LP FONA [F 503]  (1971)

Performer, Percussions, Drums, Composer - Bjarne Rostvold, Perry Knudsen
Teknik - Wifoss, København
Producer - Bjarne Rostvold
Photo [Back Side] - Per Esbersen
Cover - Gerlach & Raffel

Perplexxx presenting cosmic delirium toy -948

Francis Rimbert - Frederick Rousseau – April Orchestra Vol. 48 Présente FR2
LP CBS [APR 48] (1982) 

Performer, Composer - Francis Rimbert, Frederick Rousseau

Buy it here

Many many thanks to Perplexxx who sent me high quality wav files.
You can listen to his mixes here

Perplexxx presenting golden ring toy -949

Maneshchandra Kansara / Thomas Birth – Sound Music Album 9
LP Golden Ring Records [S 5091-11]  (1975)

Side 1 International Folklore by Maneshchandra Kansara: Original authentic music from India, wedding dance, mourning music, folklore.
Side 2 Science Fiction - Underwater Scenes by Thomas Birth: The titles on this side are suitable for science-fiction films; the music conveys tension, action, drama and adventure.

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Another gift shared and uploaded by Perplexxx

lezioni di anatomia toy -960

Tiziano Popoli, Marco Dalpane – Lezioni Di Anatomia
LP Stile Libero [SLLP 008]  (1988)

Bass, Bass Fretles - Paolo Grandi
Organ, Synthesizer, Sample, Piano, Composer - Marco Dalpane
Oboe - Martino Cavani
Percussions - Fulvio Maras
Piano, Sample, Composer - Tiziano Popoli
Soprano Saxophone, Sound Engineer - Franco Visioli
Flugelhorn, Trumpet - Paolo Fresu, Piero Callegari
Trumpet - Marco Bonetti
Turntables, CD.Player - Massimo Simonini
Violin - Paola Garavaldi
Cello - Astrid Von Stein
Electronic Wind Instrument [Akai EW1 1.000] - Marco Ferrari
Viola - Lorenzo Corti
Sound Engineer, Mixer - Paolo Modugno
Mixer - Oderso Rubini
Cover Design - Roberto Barni "L'Auleta"
Photo - Giuseppe Vergoni
Graphic - Ottaviani, Dobrilla, Teorema 

Buy it here

festa napoletana toy -961

Popularia – Popularia
LP Edizioni Musicali FESTA [FST 001348]  (1982)

Drums - Roberto Ciscognetti
Bass - Massimo Cecchetti
Keyboards, Mixer, Composer - Massimo Volpe
Guitar [Acoustic, Electric] - Francesco Sansone
Guitar [Classic], Mandola, Mandolino, Voice, Composer - Gennaro Petrone
Mandolino, Mandola - Salvatore Esposito
Percussions - Tony Esposito
Congas, Timbales - Sergio Quarta
Lyricon - Claudio Pizzale
Design [Cover] - Giorgio Simeoli
Sound Engineer, Mixer - Fabrizio D'Angelo
Producer - Nando Coppeto, Lello Caiafa

Interacting Galaxy Pair [Boxes of Toys' Re-Edit]

chaotic strings toy -962

Chaotic Strings – Dada Jazz
Private Press LP EBM Musikverlag [TO 7906]  (1979)

Performer, Composer - Andreas Rose, Klaus Hübner, Thomas Hirschmann, Wolfgang Hirschmann

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