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megadrums toy -945

Reinhard Flatischler – Megadrums
LP veraBra Records [VBR 2033 1]  (1990)

Anklung, Percussion [Rantang, Tschanggo, Ogonkodo], Drums [Shime-taiko], Tabla, Bells [Kangoguis], Waterphone, Vocals, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Reinhard Flatischler
Drums [Itolele, Tumbadora] - Oti Köhler
Drums [Iyabata, Quinto], Shekere, Composer, Vocals - Milton Cardona
Percussion [Rantang], Gongs - Andreas Gerber
Percussion [Tsching] - Heidrun Hoffmann
Saxophone [Soprano, Alto], Flute, Composer - Wolfgang Puschnig
Taiko [Oke Taiko, Shime Taiko] Cymbal [Chappa], Percussion [Atari-gane] - Leonard Eto
Talking Drum [Dondo] - Aja Addy
Artwork - Lambert Spix
Mastering - Wolfgang Meyscheider
Cover Concept - Lambert Spix, Michael Jacoby
Photography [Cover, Back Cover]- Thomas Schumann
Recorder, Mixer - Ulli Ullmann
This album was recorded in March 1990 shortly after the megadrums tour through Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The music was played live by the same musicians during the tour.
Recorded and mixed at Union Studios, Munich.

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