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Private Mantra toy -1039

Arik Rudich – Mantra
LP Not On Label [LP77]  (1987)

Performer [Piano, electric piano, CP-80, Linn Drum, DX-7, TX-7, Fairlight II, Fairlight III, OBX-8, Matrix 12, Mini Moog, P.P.G. 2.3, Yamaha CS70M, Synclavier II, Prophet 5, Percussion, Atari ST programming, Tape], Composer, Arranger, Producer - Arik Rudich

"Innocence", "100 Gates" and "Last Part" were recorded at Atmosphere Studios, London, August 1983.
Recording and mix engineer: Trevor Wallis
Sequencer programming assistant: Louis Zardim
Fairlight programmer: Jhon Jeczalir

"Code Of Silence", "Final Farewell", "Nightmare" and "Mantra" were composed especially for "Courage Along The Devide" - a "Central Television" film.
Recorded at Paradise Studios, London, August 1986.
Sound engineer, mix and Fairlight programmer: Martyn Philips.

"Contaminated" - Sound track from the movie "Contaminated" was recorded at Ruli Studios, Tel-Aviv, April 1983.
Recording and mix engineer: Yoav Gera

"Longing" - Original music from the Israeli television series "Anashim Be-Mil", was recorded at Kolinor Studios, Tel-Aviv, June 1985.
Recording engineer: Dudu Rodan
Mix engineer: Arik Rudich

Digital editing: Ziv C.D., Zound Studios, Tel-Aviv
Mastering: Townhouse Studios, London
Design: Memy Dar Studio
Photography: Ayelet Berman
Executive producer: Arik Rudich
Producers: Eli Katz (Katzait), Arik Rudich

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