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Jim Skeel presenting Effect Of Excess toy -1105

Short-Term Memory – Effect Of Excess
LP Fresh Sounds Inc [FS 209]  (1984)

Buy it here:  http://short-termmemory.bandcamp.com/releases

Short-term Memory's 3rd release and 1st LP follows the 1983's full length cassette Every Head Needs Cleaning www.zero-one.org/stm/
and a cassette EP Lost in Gundam (1984).

Effect of Excess (1984) covers a period of transition for the band with Kevin Dooley leaving and Cat Cooper and Robert Duckworth joining. The shift in personnel drove a change from strictly sequenced rhythms to real drumming with the addition of bass guitar underpinning the sound. Jim dusted off his clavinet as a main instrument to complement his synthesizer. Other instruments were also brought in to flesh out the sound.

Songs 1,3 & 5 reflect the early period with Kevin, looking backward, and the remainder of the album looks forward to the ongoing changes that were to envelop Short-term Memory.

Other Short-term Memory releases will be added to bandcamp in the near future.


released 11 May 2014
see track notes for additional instrumentation:

Jonathan Paul - drums, acoustic & electronic percussion, vocals and synthesizer

Jim Skeel - Clavinet, synthesizer, vocals, percussion, and devices

Robert Duckworth - fretted and fretless bass, vocals

Kevin Dooley - sequenced events, synthesizer and vocals

Cat Cooper - synthesizer, percussion and vocals

The Rev. Dwight Frizzell - saxaphone
Introducing Mabel Barker 
Recorded @ Heavenly Music (AKA Skeel's Reels) just south of Gundam
Engineering - Jim Skeel
Cover Art - Tim Higgins
Mixed and Produced by Jim Skeel, Jonathan Paul, & Robert Duckworth for that Silly Poodle Music © 1984

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