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Ibrahim Jedidja presenting Ultra Sound toy -1188


The IgG Band – Ultra/Sound
LP Infusion Records [IN-001 / IN 101 A]  (1980)

Alto Saxophone – Ronald Townsend
Artwork – Clifford Becker, David Eller, Kendal Foster
Backing Vocals – Clifford E.Becker, Kendal Foster
Baritone Saxophone – Ronald Townsend
Bass Guitar – Murray J. Riggins, Solomon Pollard
Congas – Darrell Rose
Drums – Kenneth Bledshoe
Effects – Clifford E.Becker, Murray J. Riggins
Electric Piano – Kermit White
Engineer – Kevin Mc Manus
Flute – Clifford E.Becker, Ronald Townsend
Grand Piano – Kermit White
Lead Guitar – Kendal Foster
Lead Vocals – Kendal Foster, Murray J. Riggins, Solomon Pollard
Mastering – Glen Medows
Percussion – Darrell Rose
Producer – Clifford E.Becker
Rhythm Guitar – Kendal Foster
Soprano Saxophone – Ronald Townsend
Synthesizer – Clifford E.Becker, Kendal Foster, Solomon Pollard
Timbales – Kenneth Bledshoe
Wood Block – Darrell Rose

The name IgG is actually an abbreviated form of the word immunoglobulin G, a word from the microbiology discipline if medicine. Immunoglobulins are protein molecules that function is a specific antibodies in human serum. They provide immunity to bacteria, virus, parasites and fungi which have a blood-born dissemination. The IgG molecule is the only antibody which is capable if crossing the placental barrier to protect the unborn infant from disease. It also protects the new born infant up to 4-6 weeks until the infant can make enough of it's own antibodies. It is through the stimulation of immunoglobulin G that enable the vaccinations we all receive to protect us from contracting a particular disease.

The IgG Band started as a vision, a desire, a need deeply seated in the minds of several dynamic individuals. These young men were destined to cross paths while undergoing the discipline of medical education in an institute with a long history of producing men of high achievement and great vision, Meharry Medical College.
Having congregated and shared their common desires these young men performed The IgG Band in 1978 (not related to a former band at the same institution called IgG). This set the stage for the synthesis of their brand of music. Playing and practicing when the demands of medical trainig would permit, they made small steps at first. They played at talent shows, private parties and local clubs. So the matured in music. Then in mid 1979 - realizing that their first love, medicine, would not permit them to perform regularely - they begin to think of recording their music. After their initial experience in the studio in the summer of "79", they then knew that their visions, desires and musical needscould and would be fulfilled via the recording studio of Nashville.
Hence in 1981 the album, "Utra/Sound" by The IgG Band, has come forth as the focus of their positive musical expression to you, the greatest of them all!!!

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