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The Man with One Shoe toy -1198


Philip Perkins – The Remotes (1)
Cassette Fun Music [Fun 17]  (1990)

Live Mixes, Signal Processing, Samplers, Synths, Pre-Recorded Materials, Electric Bass - Philip Perkins
Voice - Bonnie Barnett
Cello, Processing - Doug Carroll
Pre-Recorded Material - Jay Cloidt, King Felix
Percussion, Metallophones, Pre-Rec. Material - Scott Fraser
Trombone, Percussion, Chimes, Piano, Conch, Voice - Fred Goff
Electric Guitar - Gerard Leckey
Cello - David Lee
Synths, Samplers - Chris Meloche
Clarinets - David Ocker
Live Computer-Driven Synthesizers, Mouse Guitar - Tim Perkis
Percussion - Andy Stochansky
Live Sampling - Carl Stone
Saxophones - Jack Wright
Random Audio Switchers - Bill Ruck
MIDI Pitch Followers - Bruce Vicknair
Engineers - Ben Lindgren, Chris Thomas, Paul Hodge, Rob Sanzo, Steve Barker, JB Peterson, Joe Pezilio, Denise Hetzner

taken from liner notes: "...my intention was to make a radio work with no beginning or end in which a listener who tuned in for any period of time longer than a minute or two would get the gist of the piece, but would also continue to reveal new aspects of itself to those who choose to stay with it longer..."

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