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A Tendency To Take You Elsewhere... toy -1245


Ed Moss – Ed Moss
LP Viscosity [209318]  (197x)

Piano, Composer, Arranger - Ed Moss
Bass - Bud Hunt
Drums - Brett Wamsley
Guitar - Kenny Poole
Engineer - Louis Lausche
Cover, Drawing, Caligraphy, Silk Screening - Joanne Honschopp
Inside Envelop Drawing - Kathleen Todd

From Back Cover Notes:
"To discuss music with words is next to impossible & usually ends in telling the listener things he can hear for himself,
but there are a few points relating to the purpose & use of music that can profitably be discussed.
The purpose of this record is rare in that it's primary goal is not to sell records but rather to put people in touch with our music who for some reason or another cannot hear us in person. We hope to make production costs but this is not even important because the goals are artistic. In other words there have been no compromises to the general music taste of our times, nor compromises in the manner
in which each musician plays his instrument. The result is an honest statement in which each player takes responsibility for the sounds that were created.
As to the use of the record that is basically up to you since you bought it.
If only want to say that side two may have a tendency to take you elsewhere...." E. Moss

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