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On The Spur Of The Moment toy -1272


Various – Believe It!
LP Nexus Sound [Private Press]  (1979)

Guitar, Vocal - Suzy Siquenza, Ed Fitz Simmonds, Dennis Catron
Guitar - Steve Karukas, Matt Douglass, Everett L. Johnson, Kevin Dudley
12 String Guitar - John Eggers
Arp 2600 Synthesizer - John Lorch
Flute, Vocal - Steve Foster
Bass - Jim Coulter, Willard Saunders, Mike Hounshell
Electric Guitar - Tom Smaynard
Drums - Chris Scheidt, Mike Jones, Bill Schreider
Synthesizer - Tom O'Brien
Piano - Neal Leverenz, Raymond Barton
Vocal - Karen Holland, Omega Choir, Bevan Vaughn
Keyboards, Vocal - Rick Haines
Producer - Frank Pickles, Steve Karukas, Suzy Siquenza
Mixing, Engineer - Mike Hounshell, Roger Fink
Cover Art - Paula Shreve
Back Cover Design - Steve Karukas, John Eggers
Calligraphy - John Eggers

This album was produced for and by students as an educational experience, and its successful completion illustrates that students by working together can overcome obstacles to realize their goals.

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