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cosmic oasis toy -1091

Il Guardiano Del Faro – Oasis
LP Cetra [LPX 66]  (1978)

Performer [Polymoog, Minimoog, Le Logan String Melody II, Piano Fender, Echo Roland RE 201, Electronic Drums Roland Rhythm 77 + Yamaha], Arranger, Composer, Producer - Federico Monti Arduini
Guitar, Composer - Johnny Farina
Drums - Tullio De Piscopo
Cover Design - Paolo Della Valle
Graphics - Mario Convertino
Engineer - Ezio De Rosa, Gianfranco Longo

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Age Of Love toy -1092


Arik Rudich / Yehoram Tahar-Lev – Age Of Love
LP Isradisc Ltd. Records [MR 34002]  (1985)

Performer [All Instruments, Effects], Composer, Arranger, Producer - Arik Rudich
Voice - Yehoram Tahar-Lev

Vollmond Records toy -1093

Kurt Gaulhofer – Meine Worte, Die Stecken In Der Erd'
LP Vollmond Records [140 012]  (1987)

Composer, Flute [Bass], Synthesizer, Piano, Guitar, Violoncello, Vocals, Cover Design - Kurt Gaulhofer
Percussion - Günter Meinhart
Saxophone - Franz Colimprain
Viola - Claudia Neffe
Violoncello - Fritz Kleinhapl
English Horn, Flute - Robert Finster
Bass Clarinet, Saxophone - Otmar Kramis
Clarinet - Klaus Leßmann
Fagotto - Klaus Hubmann
Sound Engineer - Heimo Knopper

(Troppo) Lavoro e (Poco) Tempo Libero toy -1094

Giuliano Sorgini – Lavoro E Tempo Libero
LP Edizioni Musicali Goldfinger [UST 335]  (1980)

Composer, Arranger, Director, Producer - Giuliano Sorgini

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Private Fantasy toy -1095

David O'Brian – Fantasy
LP Harbingernorthwest Records [HR001]  (1982)

Vocals, Guitars, Dulcimer, Percussion, Accordian, Composer, Arranger, Producer - David O'Brian
Vocals - Mark Cafeo, Pamela Anne Cansler
Congas - Lynn Doherty
Bass - Michael Dyer
Congas, Xylophone, Percussion - Noreen Flynn
Drums - Gary Hayes
Keyboards - Gary Halliburton
Flute - Jean Rystrom-Nelson
Engineer - L. Forrest Caulkins
Production Consultants - Mark Cafeo, L. Forrest Caulkins
Cover Art, Graphics - Ken Fox

Sistema Ictus 75 toy -1096

Andrea Centazzo – Fragmentos
LP PDU [Pld.A 6020]  (1975)

Percussion, Drums, Synthesizer, Sistema Ictus 75, Composer - Andrea Centazzo
Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor] - Maurizio Giammarco
Contrabbasso, Piano, Composer - Bruno Tommaso
Recording - Nuccio Rinaldis, Abrama Pesatori
Mixer - Andrea Centazzo, Nuccio Rinaldis
Photos - Franco Feruglio
Cover - Luciano Tallarini
Liner Notes - Franco Fayenz

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Niombo toy -1097

Francois Niombo – I'm Cool
LP Disques Festival [FLD 660] (197x)

Performer, Arranger, Composer - François Niombo
Producer - Frank Abel
Photos - Gilbert Moreau
Sleeve Notes - Arthur Young

Facing East toy -1098

Kedma – Facing East (Jazz In Israel Vol.3)
LP JAZZIS Records [1003]  (1988)

Drums, Percussions, Trombone, Composer - Jerry Garval
Ovation Guitar, 5-string Bass Guitar, Composer - Jean-Claude Jones
Guitar, Composer - Steve Peskoff

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Creative Components toy -1099

Creative Components – Creative Components
LP Jandy Music Company [JM-536]  (1983)

Performer, Composer - Andrew Thompson
Producer - James Woods, Andrew Thompson
Music & Effects For Radio, TV & Film Producers

George Pavlis toy -1100

George Pavlis – George Pavlis
LP Zeta Records [Z-106]  (1978)

Minimoog Synthesizer, Rhodes Electric Piano, ARP Odyssey Syn., Hohner D-6 Clavinet, Arp Omni Polyphonic Syn., Acoustic Piano, Composer - George Pavlis
Drums - Alan Murphy, Bill Cerulli, Steve Satin
Bass Guitar - Paul Kondziela, Gary Ferraro, George Sheck, Cliff Pia, Danny Pickering, Kevin Jenkins
Percussion, Drums - Bill Bacon
Percussion - Jerry Mall
Electric Guitar - Joe Cerullo, Brian Keane
Acoustic & Electric Guitar - Joe Kelly
Lead Vocals - Vicki Sue Robinson
Background Vocals - Danny Pickering, Bob Knight, Eleana Steinburg, Gordon Grody
Flute, Percussion, Trumpet, Vocals - Danny Pickering
Producer, Arranger - George Pavlis, Vicki Sue Robinson, Ted Harless, Danny Pickering, Al Garrison, Eleana Steinburg
Recording & Mixing Engineers - Gary Scovil, Larry Carola
Assistant Engineers - George Pavlis, Danny Pickering, Vicki Sue Robinson, Al Garrison
Mastering Engineer - Frank Stall
Photography - Leslie Hyde

Lothar Funk presenting Moods For Drama toy -1101

Various ‎– Moods For Drama
LP Parry Music Ltd ‎[PML 04]  (1977)

Performer, Composer - Paul Kass (Johnny Hawksworth), Bob Ascroft, Don Howard 

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Jedidja presenting Reverie toy -1102

Reverie ‎– Reverie
LP Encounter Records [ER-1001]  (1980)

Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synthesizers, Composer - Mark Knox
Drums, Percussion - Jim Miller
Bass, Composer - Gerald Veasley
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano], Composer - Ed Yellen
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute - Stan Slotter
Guitar - Larry Coryell
Recording, Engineer, Mixing - Bob Katz
Album Design & Concept - Fran Lightman

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Dancers Of The Future #2 toy -1103

Private New Dimensions toy -1104

Larry Bright – New Dimensions
LP Private Press [LB-903]  (1987)

Keyboards, Bass Synthesizer, Drums, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Larry Bright
Guitar - John Grant
Trumpet - Jimmy Wilson, Ivan Smart
Bass, Bass Synthesizer - Tony Bunn
Bass - Mark Easley
Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Drums Programming - John Grant
Keyboards Programming - Tony Winston, John Grant
Cover Photos - Linda Johnson
Cover Design - Barry Curtis

Jim Skeel presenting Effect Of Excess toy -1105

Short-Term Memory – Effect Of Excess
LP Fresh Sounds Inc [FS 209]  (1984)

Buy it here:  http://short-termmemory.bandcamp.com/releases

Short-term Memory's 3rd release and 1st LP follows the 1983's full length cassette Every Head Needs Cleaning www.zero-one.org/stm/
and a cassette EP Lost in Gundam (1984).

Effect of Excess (1984) covers a period of transition for the band with Kevin Dooley leaving and Cat Cooper and Robert Duckworth joining. The shift in personnel drove a change from strictly sequenced rhythms to real drumming with the addition of bass guitar underpinning the sound. Jim dusted off his clavinet as a main instrument to complement his synthesizer. Other instruments were also brought in to flesh out the sound.

Songs 1,3 & 5 reflect the early period with Kevin, looking backward, and the remainder of the album looks forward to the ongoing changes that were to envelop Short-term Memory.

Other Short-term Memory releases will be added to bandcamp in the near future.


released 11 May 2014
see track notes for additional instrumentation:

Jonathan Paul - drums, acoustic & electronic percussion, vocals and synthesizer

Jim Skeel - Clavinet, synthesizer, vocals, percussion, and devices

Robert Duckworth - fretted and fretless bass, vocals

Kevin Dooley - sequenced events, synthesizer and vocals

Cat Cooper - synthesizer, percussion and vocals

The Rev. Dwight Frizzell - saxaphone
Introducing Mabel Barker 
Recorded @ Heavenly Music (AKA Skeel's Reels) just south of Gundam
Engineering - Jim Skeel
Cover Art - Tim Higgins
Mixed and Produced by Jim Skeel, Jonathan Paul, & Robert Duckworth for that Silly Poodle Music © 1984

Every Head Needs Cleaning toy -1106

Short-Term Memory – Every Head Needs Cleaning
Cassette Silly Poodle Music (1983)

Random Factors, Engineering - Jim Skeel, Kevin Dooley
Synchronization - Jonathan Paul 

Buy it here:  http://www.zero-one.org/stm/stm.html

a Porter Thing toy -1107

Arnold Cheatham – "Thing"
LP Inner View Records [MWIV 19319]  (1972)

Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute & Misc. Percussion, Producer - Arnie Cheatham
Trumpet - Wil Letman
Electric Piano, Producer - Vagn Leick
Guitar - Bob O'Connell
Electric Bass - David Saltman
Drums, Producer - Kiah "T" Nowlin 
Congas - Dorian McGee
Engineer - Jack Jarvis
Cover Design - String Painting by Kasper Leick (3 years old)

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For Expo '86 In Vancouver toy -1108

Daniel Lentz – On The Leopard Altar
LP Icon Records [5502]  (1984)

Moog Synthesizers, Synthesizer Programming, Composer - Daniel Lentz
Keyboards, Performer [Wine Glasses] - Brad Ellis, David Kuehn, Arlene Dunlap
Voice - Paul MacKey, Susan James, Dennis Parnell
Voice, Performer [Wine Glasses] - Jessica Lowe
Producer - Yale Evelev

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Jim Skeel presenting Lost In Gundam toy -1109

Short-Term Memory ‎– Lost In Gundam
Silly Poodle Music (1984)

Buy it here:  http://short-termmemory.bandcamp.com/album/lost-in-gundam

A pretty mess! Every Heads Needs Cleaning alter ego.
www.zero-one.org/stm/ This recording is a celebration of the weird and wild. Lots of improv plus voices & trumpet though synthesizers and devices.

Original release was a 30 minute cassette.


released 18 May 2014
Jon Paul / Kevin Dooley / Jim Skeel
Mike Lindsey (bottom end on Planetarium)
Valerie Smith (Trumpet on Planetarium)

All songs by Dooley / Paul / Skeel

Recorded @ Heavenly Music in the city of the Tower of Gundam by Jim
for Silly Poodle Music © ℗ 1984 (BMI)

Produced by Jim Skeel & Jonathan Paul

Il Sud È Un'Infanzia Sudata toy -1110

Enzo Carella – Vocazione
LP it [ZPLT 34017]  (1977)

Performer, Vocals, Composer - Enzo Carella
Backing Vocals - Ettore Renzi, Stefano Zaccagnini
Lyrics - Lino Panella
Sound Engineer - Ubaldo Consoli
Studio Assistants - Gli Amici della Jeans
Producer - Alfonso Bettini, Marco Luberti