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I Never Knew toy -1349


Cedar Creek Society Inc. – Cedar Creek Society
LP Dessa Disc [st 1010-71]  (1971)

Performer, Composer - Bruce Brunson, Mike Clanton, Gordon Gilstrap, Billy Rowland, Larry Kelly
Drums - Scott Schenkel
Photo - Clem Webb
Recording Engineer - Jim Sutton
Arranger - Bill Pape
Recording Supervisor - Jim Lockert
Recorded at Trans Global Media Inc. - Odessa, Texas

and i have time to see the flowers bloom in spring, and
i have time to feel the peoples faces and i have time for
all these things but most of all i've got time to sing. - gordon gilstrap

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Clay's toy -1350


Clay Jarvis - Clay Jarvis
LP CJ Records [Private Press]  (19xx)

Vocal, Guitar, Composer, Lyrics - Clay Jarvis
Guitar - Marlon Nutting
Bass - Marcus Sosland, David McDaniel
Drums - J. Chris Pharr, Cliff McDaniel
Keyboards - Laura Mojica, Pee Wee
Saxophone, Flute - Eddie Vizzard
Backup Vocal - Tommy & Laura Mojica

Marilli toy -1351


Michel Banabila – Marilli
LP Eduard Vingerhoets [MAB 140461]  (1983)

Percussion [Steelpan] - Lesley Joseph
Electric Guitar - Piet Lichtveld, Atti Bauw
Bass - Cecil Wespel
Drums, Guitarchords - Willem De Melker
Electric Guitar, Percussion - Paul Newsum
Cello - Niek Stafleu
Percussion - Martijn Veldhoen
Keyboards, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Voices, Calimba, Tapes, Balafon, Banjo, Radio, Mexican Turtle Flute, Composer, Producer - Michel Banabila
Engineer - Hero Wouters, Bart Hermelijn, Wijnand De Groot

André Pahl at ✚✚✚ Festival

Adult Game toy -1352

Summer Breeze toy -1353


Elageron / Mirneg – Breeze
LP Orrery Records [ORL 27506]  (19xx)

Performer, Composer - Elageron (Daniela Casa), Mirneg (Gianluca Ducros)

John Travolto...Da Un Insolito Destino toy -1354


Paolo Vasile – Runaround
OST LP Cinevox [MDF 33.132]  (1979)

Composer - Paolo Vasile
Conductor, Arranger - Gianni Mazza
Engineer - Giorgio Agazzi
Original Soundtrack "John Travolto... Da Un Insolito Destino" directed by Neri Parenti, produced by Laser Film.

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The Crusades toy -1355

For Sale

In The Penthouse

The Pussycat Syndrome


Gerhard Heinz – The Pussycat Syndrome
OST LP Vagienna [VAG-2]  (1983/2015)

Soundtrack of the greek porn movie from 1983 directed by Ilias Mylonakos.
Starring: Ajita Wilson, Donna Washington, Jacqueline Marcant, Tina Eklund.
Also known as:
(original title)Orgia stin Kerkyra
Canada (French title)Les minettes en chaleur
FinlandNautiskelevat nymfot
Finland (Swedish title)Villiga nymfomaner
FranceLes minettes en chaleur
Greece (X-rated version)Tryferes gatoules
NorwayThe Pussycat Syndrome
USAThe Pussycat Syndrome
Europe (English title)The Pussycat Syndrome
West GermanyTöchter der Venus
World-wide (English title)The Pussycat Syndrome

Vinyl limited edition available at: www.priv4te.com
Buy/Order: info@priv4te.com

Available versions:
pink vinyl / silver vibrator (+ Poster + Sticker, 100 copies limited edition)
pink vinyl / red vibrator (+ Poster + Sticker, 100 copies limited edition)
black vinyl / black vibrator (+ Poster + Sticker, 100 copies limited edition)

The product features pornographic content and nudity. No resell to customers under 18 years.

Elettrorama toy -1356


Giampiero Boneschi / Mitridate – Elettrorama
LP Music Scene [MS-6]  (197x)

Performer, Composer - Giampiero Boneschi (aka Mitridate)

Pacific Archipelagos toy -1357


Marten Ingle – Specific Pacific Archipelagos
Cassette Tago Mago [Camouflage 005]  (1985)

Oberheim FVS-I W/MSI II], Roland MSQ 700, Yamaha DX7 W/RX II, Yamaha Bass, Fender Mustang Guitar, Lunch Box Studio Apparatus, Composer - Marten Ingle
Engineer - Daniel Brunetti

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L'Ultima Musica toy -1358


Giuliani Giuliano – L'Ultima Musica
LP GEVOX [3519]  (19xx)

Composer - Giuliani Giuliano

La Maquina De Cantar toy -1359


Horacio Vaggione – La Maquina De Cantar
LP Cramps Records - Series nova musicha n. 18 [5206 118]  (1978)

Computer [Ibm 7090], Synthesizer [Three Mini-moog], Composer - Horacio Vaggione
Organ [Yamaha], Composer - Elizabeth Wiener
Technician [Technical Advice] - Florentino Briones
Art Director - Gianni Sassi
Engineer [Meccanico Del Suono] - Paolo Bocchi
Liner Notes - Daniel Charles
Photography - Philippe Gabel
Producer - Walter Marchetti

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Solo toy -1360


Kent Carter – Solo With Claude Bernard
LP Ictus Records [ICTUS 0002]  (1976)

Cello, Bass, Piano, Melodica, Composer - Kent Carter
Saxophone - Claude Bernard
Flute - Michala Marcus
Front Cover - Jean-Pierre Demeaux
Management - Carla Lugli
Producer - Andrea Centazzo

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Dr. Music toy -1361


Dr. Music – Dr. Music
LP GRT [9233-1004]  (1973)

Organ, Electric Piano, Arranger - Doug Riley
Guitar [Electric, Acoustic], Lead Vocals - Doug Mallory
Drums - Wayne Stone
Saxophone [Tenor, Alto], Flute, Vocals, Arranger - Steve Kennedy
Trombone - Barrie Tallman
Saxophone [Baritone, Tenor, Alto], Flute, Vocals, Lead Vocals, Arranger - Keith Jollimore
Percussion, Vocals - Michael Kennedy
Engineers - Terry Brown, Dave Slagter
Assistants - Paul Barker, Brian Bell
Album Cover Design - Paul Weldon

Perla di Bahia toy -1362


The Quarter One - Body Music
LP Edizioni Musicali GOLDFINGER [GST 201]  (1981)

Performer, Composer - Tivis (aka Giovanni Civitenga), Helix, Giorgio Chierchiè, R. Mozzato, Guido Cergoli Serini, Memo

This Is My Day toy -1363


Denny Crockett - This Is My Day
LP Tri-Star Productions [Private Press]  (1975)

Baldwin Piano, Hammond B-3, Fender Rhodes, ARP Synthesizer, ARP String Ensemble, Vocals, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Denny Crockett
Fender Bass - Ike Egan, Bill Cushenberry
Drums - Sam Foster
Guitar - Rich Dixon
Acoustic Guitar, Associate Producer, Arranger, Composer - Steve Amundsen
Pedal Steel - Kevin Auernig
Trumpets - Craig Turley, Bob Taylor
Trombone - Brian Hofheins
Tenor Saxophone - Tevis Lauket
English Horn - Markus Merrill
Clarinet - Dave Feller
Flutes - Jilene Goodwin, Julie Saville, Katy Clark
Strings - Ruth Monson, Amy Jackson, Allison Dalton, Jeannine Cockerill, Christine John, David Marsh, Becky Stringham, Rick Baldassin
Lead Vocals - Paul Nichols, Ron Clark, Dave Jones, Lisa Crockett, Sonja Jenson, Sheryl Brown Nixon
Back-up Vocals - Nancy Farnsworth Davis, Steve Amundsen, Dave Jones, Margie Johnson, Kathy Anderton, Danny Crockett
Associate Producer, Recording, Mix Engineer - Merrill Jenson
Cover Design - Jim Hartley

Open Air Parade toy -1364


Open Air Parade – Open Air Parade
LP SR Records [SR ST 136]  (1972)

Performer, Composer - Alessandro Alessandroni, Giovanni Tommaso
Performer, Composer [Uncredited] - Massimo Catalano