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Balance toy -1403


Puccio Roelens – Balance
LP RCA Original Cast [SP 10081]  (1980)

Composer, Arranger, Conductor - Puccio Roelens
Sound Engineer, Mixing - Enzo Martella
Executive Producer - Anselmo Natalicchio

La Vega de San Juan toy -1404

Muzo toy -1405

Inchiesta Sul Mondo toy -1406

Previous Muzo toy -1405

Riccardo A. Luciani – Inchiesta Sul Mondo: Stati D'Animo, Diagnosi Ecologica
2xLP Ayna [NLY 34 / NLY 35]  (19xx)

Composer, Arranger, Conductor - Antonio Riccardo Luciani
Director - Giuliano Giunti

Via Lattea toy -1407

Alberico Vitalini – Sound Expression (Espressioni Sonore)
LP Hit [HIT 30.227]  (1969)

Composer, Arranger, Conductor - Alberico Vitalini
Sound Engineer - Ulderico Merluzzi

Spaceship C&C toy -1408


Fumitaka Anzai (TPO2) – Fly To The Future, Spaceship C&C!
12" CBS/Sony Special Products [YGAS 38]  (1985)

Composer, Arranger, Performer, Programming - Fumitaka Anzai
Tsukuba Expo '85 NEC C&C Pavillon
Released in connection with the world technology fair in Tsukuba - Japan 1985 ("Expo '85")

Wax Mask toy -1409


LP CBS/Sony [28AH 1671]  (1983)

Performer - Fumitaka Anzai, Kashiwa Fukunaga, Masamichi Amano, Takumi Iwasaki
Performer [Additional] - Mami Kikuchi
Art Direction - Shinichi Hara
Artwork [Producer] - Noriaki Satoh, Tetsuhiko Hitoshi
Design - Rice Co., Ltd.
Director - Kaoru Kawabata
Engineer [Assistant] - Atom Saida, Shingo Miyata, Yasuhiko Ohta
Executive Producer - Masatoshi Sakai, Shigeru Shinmi
Illustration - Michihiko Sato
Photography - Hikaru Sasaki
Producer - Yoshiharu Katayanagi
Recording, Mixing, Engineer - Takeshi Ohshiro, Yoshiharu Suzuki

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Meteor Evolution toy -1410

Radio Activity (Summer 1983) toy -1411

Aërobic toy -1412

Venus – Aërobic
LP VAK [VAK nummer 2013]  (1983)

Guitar [Electric, Acoustic], Percussion, Voice, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Gus Roan
OBX Synthesizer, Mini Moog, Linn Drums, Arranger - Philippe De Cock
Engineer - Patric Cogneaux
Assistant - Pascal Huart
Photos - Raymond Van der Plassche, Guy Devos
Art Director - Dirk Deleu

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Cyber Transmat toy -1413

Alt Polizia toy -1414


A. Riccardo Luciani – Alt Polizia
LP Publispei [PS/0100]  (1976)

Composer, Conductor - Antonio Riccardo Luciani
Sound Engineer - Vincenzo Fani

Fotriafa toy -1415


Fotriafa – Guerra Di Cielo, Di Mare, Di Terra
LP Octopus Records [OTP 0285]  (1971)

Performer, Composer - Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi)

Storie di Guerra toy -1416


A. Alessandroni – Storie Di Guerra
LP Octopus Records [OTP 0288]  (1972)

Performer, Composer - Alessandro Alessandroni

The Sands Of Time toy -1417


Steve & Nancy – The Sands Of Time
LP Sands Of Time Records [2000]  (1970)

Vocals - Nancy Thrasher, Steve Mendenhall
Piano - Mike McCornack
Electric Guitar - Steve Mendenhall
Electric Piano - Mike McCornack, Nancy Thrasher
Steel Guitar - Larry Cummings
Acoustic Guitar - Carleen Tate, Mike McCornack, Steve Mendenhall
Backing Vocals - Carleen Tate, Mike McCornack, Nancy Thrasher, Steve Mendenhall
Bass - Mike McCornack, Steve Mendenhall
Drums - Steve Mendenhall
Harmonica - T. McCornack
Producer - Steve Mendenhall
Engineer, Remixing - Rob Perkins
Photography - Jack Lignon

Miles of Smiles toy -1418

Miles Of Smiles – Miles Of Smiles..."And Their Hearts Did Rejoice At The Word Of The Lord"
LP W.O.W. Records [4102N2]  (197x)

Vocals, Flutes, Piccolo, Composer - Bev Strick
Vocals, Guitar, Composer - Steve Strick
Background Vocals, Guitar [Acoustic, Electric, 12 String], Percussion - Dean Ellenwood
Background Vocals, Bass, Organ, Vibes - Ken McCaw
Piano - Barry McCoy
Drums, Percussion - Pete Miller
Lead Guitar - John Ruiz
Engineer - Mike Wheeler, Reggie Wallace
Assistant Engineer - Steve Unrein
Photography - Bill McCulloch
Album Design - Bill Strick
Produced by and for the Glory of God

Serie Suono toy -1419


Vito Tommaso – Vito Tommaso
LP RCA Victor Serie Suono [SIVS 31]  (196x)

Arranger, Composer - Vito Tommaso
Contrabass - Giovanni Tommaso
Drums - Franco Mondini
Guitar - Maurizio De Angelis
Flute - Francesco Battimelli

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Before I'm gone I'd like to see us turn the corner and give up being spoilers of the land...toy -1420

Wilderness America – A Celebration Of The Land
LP Not On Label [EC 212]  (19xx)

Organ, Synthesizer [Arp String Ensemble], Harpsichord, Performer [Havonia, Glorellia], Harmonica, Composer - Iasos
Arranger [Strings], Conductor [Strings] - Patrick Gleeson
Bass [Fender] - Rob Moitoza
Composer - David Riordan
Congas - Lee Pastora
Drums - Harvey Mason
Electric Guitar - Lee Retenoir
Lead Vocals - Walter Hawkins
Piano - Mike Melvoin
Cello - Teresa Adams
English Horn - Dan Patiris
Flute - Patrick Fawcett
Flute, Flute [Alto] - Jere B. O'Boyle
French Horn - John H. Krueger, Jr.
Harp - Randal G. Pratt
Piano, Synthesizer [Harp], Arranger, Conductor, Composer - Tom Salisbury
Viola - Elizabeth Bell, Miriam Dye
Violin - Carl Pederson, Emily Van Valkenburg, Nathan Rubin, Roy Malan
Bass - Doug Lunn, David Dunaway
Drums - Gaylord Birch
Electric Piano, Arranger [Strings], Conductor [Strings] - Ed Bogas
Guitar - John Blakeley
Soprano Saxophone - Mel Martin
Electric Piano, Vocals, Guitar, Composer - David Riordan
Lead Vocals - Caryn Robin
Flute [Alto] - Mel Martin
Guitar - Pete Maunu
Percussion, Vibraphone [Vibes], Composer - Glen Cronkhite
Drums – Gaylord Birch
Pedal Steel Guitar - John McFee
Vocals - Ann Hughes, Duane Sousa, Gary Roda, Pat Hubbard
Vocals, Backing Vocals - Caryn Robin, Ed Bogas, Jane Riordan, Lynette Hawkins, M.L. Benoit, Peter Scott, Roberta Vandenunt, Tremaine Hawkins

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Shawi toy -1421

Shawi – Shawi
LP Les Distributions INTERVALLE [DIN 2001]  (1981)

Performer, Composer - Shawi

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Trance Instrumentals for Space Guitar toy -1422


Carl Weingarten – Living In The Distant Present
Cassette Multiphase [CW-C004]  (1985)

Guitar, Slide, Synthesizers, Processing, Loops, Delays, Composer, Producer - Carl Weingarten
Surf, Engineer - Walter Whitney
Synthesizer - Fo Jammi
Labels - Scott Bryan
Design - Lee Grubaugh, Donna Burke
Photography - Susanne May
Recorded in spare time at Carl's apartment, St. Louis, May-Dec. 1984.
Mixed at Subterranean Sound Studios Dec. 1984.

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