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Antico Mondo Greco-Romano toy -1480

Gisteri-Santany – Antico Mondo Greco-Romano
LP Edimerc [EC 00107]  (1971)

Performer, Composer - Oronzo De Filippi (aka Gisteri), Romolo Grano (aka Santany)

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Digital Tour toy -1481

Yutaka Mogi – Digital Mystery Tour
LP Kitty Records [MKF 1042]  (1978)

Performer [All Instruments], Arranger, Re-Arranger - Yutaka Mogi
Art Direction, Artwork [Logotype], Design - Masayuki Yano
Engineer [Recording Engineer, Re-Mix] - Akio Itoh
Engineer [Recording Engineer] - Susumu Iguchi, Susumu Ohno, Teruaki Igarashi
Illustration - Katsushi Sei
Photography - Kenji Miura
Producer - Hideto Isoda

Lebanon toy -1482

Raja Zahr – Lebanon
LP Voix De L'Orient [03 GVDL 370]  (1980)

Guitar - Kathy Greenstone
Saxophone, Flute - Jon Whinnery
Trumpet - Barry Russell
Bass - Tracy "Jungle" Dragoo
Drums - David Kyle Craig, Victor Hadawar
Cello, Violin - Chris Baulmer
Keyboards, Trumpet, Conductor, Arranger - Sid Knowlton
Percussion, Piano, Arp Synthesizer, Flute, Vocals, Composer, Producer - Raja Zahr
Keyboards - Isa Hadawar
Violin - Mohamad Nasr
Backing Vocals - Houstian Mardirosian, Julia WatersTillman, Maxine Waters Williard
Engineer - William A. Botrell
Mixer - Aumberto Gatika
Cover Design, Production Assistant - Khalid Zahr

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Pharaoh's Tomb toy -1483

Shigenori Kamiya – Digital Trip Pharaoh's Tomb Synthesizer Fantasy
LP Columbia [CX-7052]  (1982)

Performer, Composer - Shigenori Kamiya

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Fine & Mellow toy -1484

The Bob Green Express featuring Toni Morgan – Fine & Mellow
LP Private Press  (19xx)

Voices - Bob Green, Toni Morgan
Drums, Percussion, Album Design, Layout, Illustration - Morry Shapiro
Bass - Jozef Litjens
Guitars - Dean Granros
Keyboards - Lou Forestieri
Violins - Terry Jenkins, Carol Bessler, David May, Daniel May
Viola - Eleanor May
Cello - Lynn Phillips
French Horn - Dave Phillips
Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet - Jeff Bowen
Saxophone [Tenor, Baritone], String Ensemble, Orchestrated by, Conductor - Gary Michaels
Engineer - Bill Van Dusen, Clyde Green

Synthetic Space toy -1485

Various – Synthetic Space
LP RVC Corporation [RVL-7107]  (1978)

Performer - Makoto Inoue, Kenji Yamamoto, Mizu Tamari, Syunichi Furukawa, N. Fujimaki, Susumu Hirasawa, Shigeru Matsumoto, Hiroaki Suzuki, T. Tanaka, Seiji Watanabe
Director, Producer - Isao Tomita
Compilation including the ten winning artists of the synthesizer contest organized by the Japanese Playboy magazine in 1978.

Resta La Musica toy -1486

Eros – Resta La Musica
7" 4M Music [NP 002]  (1981)

Composer - Giuliano Bianchi, Flavio Flanin
Arranger - Michele Pacciulli
Cover Design - A. Volpin
Distribution - Disco Magic S.r.l.

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Suspicious toy -1487

Ball Bearing Group – Suspicious
LP Pravo Music Records [A.A. 1051]  (1986)

Composer - Dario Farina

Cosmic Friends toy -1488

Cosmic Friends – Also Sprach Zarathustra / Power To All Our Friends
7" Rifi Record Co. [FNP-NP 10203]  (1973)

Arranger, Conductor - Vince Tempera

Gateway to Crime (KTS-4) toy -1489

Paul Kuhn, Jiggs Whigham, Rolf Ericson – KTS-4
LP KTS Kuhn Teupen Sounds [LM 2906]  (197x)

Keyboards, Piano - Paul Kuhn, Jiggs Whigham
Trumpet - Rolf Ericson
Drums - Bruno Castellucci, Ronnie Stephenson
Bass - Jean Warland, J.A. Rettenbacher
Guitar - Wolfgang Maus, Harry Winkler, Heinz Cramer
Flute - Harald Rosenstein
Piano - Walter Noris
Percussion - Adrian Ciceu
Trombone - John Marshal
Strings - Klaus Holtermann, Hans Georg Arlt
Sound Engineer - Justus Liebig, Lemnitz

Centre International de La Danse toy -1490

Dennis Wiley – Jazz Track
LP Association Centre International de La Danse [C-I-D 103]  (197x)

Présentation - Walter Nicks
Piano, Composer - Dennis Wiley
Bass - Didier Alexandre
Drums - Georges Lartigau
Photo - Andréas Mahl
Notes: Disque pour l'accompagnement des cours de jazz

Friends Out Of The Clouds toy -1491

Gene Hood – Out Of The Clouds
LP OSR Records Old Shack Recording [OSR-1002-80]  (1980)

Guitars [6 and 12 String, Bass], Vocals, Arranger, Composer, Producer - Gene Hood
Piano, Synthesizers [String, Moog], Arranger - Roger Greenwalt
Percussion - Mike Young
Engineer - Greg Oakley, Dennis Meirsell
Cover Design - Bob Troutt

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Victron in Victor toy -1492

Kumi Sasaki – Soul Sound On Victron (Furusato No Tabi)
LP Victor [SJV 1329]  (1976)

Organ [Victron] - Kumi Sasaki
Electric Bass, Arranger - Kan Irie
Electric Guitar - Junji Yamagishi
Drums - Yoshihiro Yotsuda
Percussion - Nobu
Electric Piano - Yasuo Ogata
Director - Isao Sugishita
Engineer - Sakae Sekine
Photography - Go Okazaki
Design - Toshimichi Takahashi
Art Direction - Tetsuaki Masaoka

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Balcony Picture Disc toy -1493

Hikashu – Watashi No Tanoshimi
LP (Picture Disc) Balcony Records [BOYS1]  (1984)

Music composed for Jurgen Lehl’s fashion shows.
Picture disc with a photograph of earth on one side and the moon on the other.

Passage Through The Hall toy -1494

Ron Berry – Osiris
LP Newcastle Media Workshop Records [NMW:002]  (1985)

Composer, Arranger, Performer, Recorder - Ron Berry
Design, Illustration - Kevin Raddy
Recorded by Ron Berry in 1984.
Inspiration from the Egyptian Book Of The Dead (circa 4000 BC).
Equipment: modular analogue synthesizers, RB computer sequencers, Goodwin string machine, various tape machines, and occasionally Casio MT45.

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Tensione Misterioso Spaziale -1495

Giancarlo Barigozzi & Fabio Fabor – Tensione Misterioso Spaziale
LP Music Scene [MS-5]  (197x)

Composer, Performer [Pianoforte Elettronico Wurlitzer] - Giancarlo Barigozzi, Fabio Fabor

MSE 139 (Futureworld) toy -1496

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Don Davis And His Electronic Instruments – Futureworld
LP Music Scene [MSE 139]  (197x)

Performer, Composer - Giampiero Boneschi (aka Mitridate), Giuseppe Cantarelli


Space Romantic Plastic toy -1497

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Pater's Space Romantic Plastic – Pater's Space Romantic Plastic
LP See Saw / Vague Enter Prise [WX-7001]  (19xx)

Bass - Keiju Ishikawa
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone - Noboru Kimura
Drums - Yuichi Togashiki
Electric Bass - Kenji Takamizu
Electric Guitar - Masaki Matsubara
Guitar - Keiju Ishikawa, Nobuo Hochi
Keyboards - Kenji Mishiro, Masataka Matsutohya
Synthesizer, Mellotron, Organ [Hammond] - Akira Ito
Percussion - Keiju Ishikawa, Noboru Kimura, Nobu Saito
Producer - Noriyoshi Sato
Strings - Nozomu Aoki
Trombone - Eiji Arai
Trumpet - Koji Hajima
Vocals - Akira Ito, Ako Kunikida, Kenji Mishiro, Noboru Kimura, Nobuo Hochi

Ladro=Ordal toy -1498

SF – Ordal
LP Not On Label [ORDAL-SF-1]  (1985)

Guitar [Hawaii Guitar], Recording, Mixing - Manuel Göttsching
Arranger, Vocals, Electronics - SF (S. Frankenstein)

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