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Do It to The Limit toy -2126

The Limit – Take It / Do It
7” Survival Records ‎[SUR 004] (1981)

Composer - Paul Kelsey Edgley
Backing Vocals - Anne-Marie
Engineer - Mike Kemp

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[ORB-07] Pre-Sale: Chris Hanzsek "September and December"


Chris Hanzsek "September and December" vinyl LP
"600 copies limited edition"

Originally recorded in 1985.
Chris: "The pieces were created as structured improvisations using a monophonic synth (primarily) along with a Yamaha DX7 (borrowed from a friend) and possibly a guitar. Recording was made on an older Otari MX-5050 1/2” 8 track. Mixing was done on a Tascam M-50 console and a Revox A77 1/4” machine. I recall the project happened in two bursts: I did half of it in September '85, then I finished up and edited the album together in December '85. I don’t really recall making copies for anyone. I think I played it for a dozen people and that was it. Just forgot about it. I remember Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam (Green River back then) came by while I had it playing on my home stereo. He asked what it was and said he liked it. Surprised me a little. With regard to overall aesthetic: I like the sound of machinery, but I enjoy the fragility of human error and human instinct. I like to put things into motion then climb aboard and drive. I can’t play an instrument (in the classical sense) for the life of me, so I’ve always just played things that are mostly choice rather than a convolution of style and technique. I guess you call that the Brian Eno school of rock."

[ORB-08] Pre-Sale: TV Totem "TV Totem 4 - 1983"


TV Totem "TV Totem 4" vinyl LP
"600 copies limited edition"

From Ernst Thoma's secret vaults.
Originally recorded in 1983 at Koprod Studio Zürich, Mr. Thoma having fun with the Serge Modular Music System and TMS Synthesizer, accompanied by Knut Remond on drums.
Including monster techno-dance bonus track "Improsequenz".

[ORB-09] Pre-Sale: TV Totem "TV Totem 3 - 1982"


TV Totem "TV Totem 3" vinyl LP
"600 copies limited edition"

From Ernst Thoma's secret vaults.
Live recorded on 2 Track Revox at KOPROD Studio Zürich in 1982.
Chapter #3 of Mr. Thoma having fun with the Serge Modular Music System and TMS Synthesizer, accompanied by Knut Remond on drums.

Shimahero toy -2127

Ciaran Harte – Love Is Strange
7” Glass Records [GLASS 003] (1980)

Voice, Instruments, Composer, Producer - Ciaran Harte
Graphics - Mr. B

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La Modelo de Guatemala toy -2128

Gustavo Y Su Banda Electronica – Ayer Como Hoy En Disco
LP Fonica [SF-79249] (1979)

Director, Composer, Arranger - Gustavo Erazo
Bass - Adan Rodriguez
Drums - Jose Luis Rodriguez
Percussion - Felipe Blanco
Foto - Efren Flores, Mario Eli Martinez
Engineer - Ernesto Perez Ruiz
Design - Evelyn Mendizabal

Algérie toy -2129

Brahim Izri – D'Ifrax-I-N'Ella (Nous Sommes Des Oiseaux)
LP Celluloid [Cel 66839-1] (1988)

Percussion, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Composer, Arranger, Mixer - Brahim Izri
Saxophone - Dalil Naceredine
Electric Guitar - Feth Ellah Ghoggal
Flute, Trumpet, Keyboards - Kamal
Programming [Rhythm] - Mhd Ouali, Djamal
Voice - Nanou, Farida
Engineer, Mixer - Lahcene Mustapha
Photos - Mohand Sardi

Corelia Vibrations toy -2130

William Carré – Eclipse 2000
7” Corelia [CC 82370] (1982)

Synthesizers, Composer, Producer, Engineer, Photos - William Carré

Partypack toy -2131

Partypack – Partypack
LP Audionova Production ‎[1250909] (1987)

Vocals - Birgit Süß
Guitars - Klaus “K.C.” Altstetter
Keyboards - Frank T. Schneider
Drums, Percussion - Walter Bittner
Bass - Norbert “M.O.P.S.” Altstetter
Vocals, Keyboards - Veit Renn
Cover Photography - Johannes Redel
Graphics - Johannes Althammer

Phantom (La Discoteca)

RRS 151 toy -2132

Maripal Chrissy – Scores
LP Radio Records [RRS 151] (1973)

Composer - Maripal & Chrissy, Enzo Minuti

L'Uranus 2 toy -2133

Sergio Prandelli – In Discoteca Con "L'Uranus 2"
LP International Audio Film [IAF LPA 90004] (1980)

Keyboards [CRB Diamond], Composer, Arranger, Mixing - Sergio Prandelli
Sound Technician, Mixing - Matteo Fasolino

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GoldRae Records toy -2134

Tracey Lynn Clarke – In Loving Memory
12” GoldRae Records [100-003] (1990)

Performer, Composer, Arranger, Producer - Goldee, Tracey Lynn Clarke
Recording, Engineer - John Mela
Art Direction, Design - King David Webb

Marine Flowers toy -2135

Akira – Marine Flowers (Science Fantasy)
LP Green & Water - Serie: Music For Inochi [R28X-1003] (1986)

Synthesizer, Electric Bass, Piano, Percussion, Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Composer, Arranger - Akira Ito
Saxophone - Koichiro
E. Violin - Takashi Toyoda
Vocals - Mineko
Oboe - Heitaro Manabe
Percussion - Izaba
Photography - Yusuke Yoshino
Art Direction - Toshio Siratani
Inner Drawing - Nishi
Design - Toshiki Miyazaki
Editorial Direction - Kohei Kitayama
Executive Producer - Katsusaburo Endo, Yasuo Morimoto

Universo Vigiesse toy -2136

Mauro Morgia, Gikey – Universo
LP Vigiesse [SMC 1003] (1987)

Composer, Director - Mauro Morgia, Gikey

Hold Your Body Close To Me toy -2137

Tom Youms – Close To Me
LP Taretone [TTL 158] (1980)

Producer, Vocals [Harmonies], Arranger, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer [Moog Bass, Moog Synth, String Synth], Timbales, Percussion - Jake Sollo
Producer, Composer, Arranger, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion - Tom Youms
Electric Piano, Piano - Roy Shipton
Bass - Trevor Jati Stephens
Congas - Mahmadi
Drums - Ron Telemacque
Tenor Saxophone - Ray Carless
Trumpet - Herschel Holder
Backing Vocals - Dorothy Patterson, Gemma Evans
Engineer - Brad, Mark 

Mystic Pipers toy -2138

Tony Newton – Mysticism & Romance
LP NCI Records [NCI 5001] (1978)

Lead Vocals, Bass, Bass [Piccolo], Bass Clarinet, Flute, Effects [Mutron III, Phase, Morley Pedals, Wha, Echo, Volume, Rotating Sound, Maestro Echo-Plex, Roland Space Echo, Electro Harmonic Frequency Analyzer, Vox Multi-Voice], Producer, Arranger, Composer - Tony Newton
Piano [Acoustic] - Sonny Burk, Sylvester Rivers
Synthesizer [Prophet Five Polyphonic] - Duncan Lawson
Synthesizer [Univox], Flute - Paul Sollami
Guitar - Charles Ferring, Gary Allen, Ray Parker
Drums - Alphonz Muzon, Danny Spannos, Ollie Brown
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Clavinet, Synthesizer [Arp Odyssey], Piano [Acoustic] - Alan Pasqua
Backing Vocals - Jones Sisters, Karen Donovan
Engineer - Barney Perkins, Don Blake, Joe Thomas, Mike Lipskin
Art Direction [Environmental] - Victor Aleman
Cover Photography - Jeff Giglioli

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A Trip Around The World toy -2139

The Motowns – The Motowns
LP Cinevox ‎[MDF 33/48] (1971)

Composer - Daniele Alberto Ciotti, Franco Bixio, Franco Micalizzi, Michael Logan
Performer - Dave Sumner, Douglas Meakin, Lally Stott, Michael Brill, Mike Logan

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Majestic toy -2140

Gallo Curcio Group – Strumentali: Genere Melodico Moderno
LP Nuovo Repertorio Editoriale [NRE/1059] (1986)

Composer - Valerio Gallo Curcio, Franco Bonfanti

Station 7 toy -2141

Cookbook – Cookbook 2 - Die Reise
CD Z.O.O. Media [Z.O.O. 4-1] (1992)

Composer, Arranger - Andreas Koeper
Producer, Keyboards, Electronics - Mr. S. & K.
Artwork - Dirk Rudolph

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